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I offer a range and combination of cutting edge techniques with the specific aim of creating rapid change over a small number of sessions. I also provide assistance in undertaking broader explorative and self development goals with my clients, uniquelt tailoring assistance to each individuals requirements. I offer a free 1/2 hour consultation to any prospective clients so you can find out anything you want to know to decide if this will help you to achieve what you want.

Public Talks given on a variety of subjects

Personal life Coach

Neil Simpson B.Sc. Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy; MNCH (lic)

Neuro Linguistic Programming (INLPTA Certified Practitioner)

Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (NLP)

Reiki Healer and Martial Arts Instructor

Welcome to the home page of Matrix Minds, Personal Change Coaching.

On this site you will find:

What a Personal Life Coach is.

• What Hypnosis is, and is not

• What Neuro Linguistic Programming is. ( NLP )

• What Emotional Freedom Technique is. ( EFT )

• My background

Personal Life Coaching is an approach to personal behaviour that assumes an individual already has the resources within themselves to make the behavioural changes that they desire. The term coach rather than say a councellor practitioner or therapist is used in the same way as you would if you wished to improve yourself at a sport you might utilise the services of a coach.

A coach does not perform the skills for you, they can only show you how you might better use your innate capabilities in a different way in order to better realise your potential. So it is with Personal Change Coaching. When a person wishes to make changes in their life then ultimately this and their current behaviours can be identified by the structures by which they represent the world around them.

These maps or representational structures are made up of our senses, Visual, Auditory (sound), Kinesetic (physical sensation), Olfactory (smell) and Gustatory (taste). It may be that we combine these into other complex things such as emotional response, never the less these are the basic building blocks that we use to run our lives and our brains and our bodies. Often we have little awareness of how these structures are driving our interpretation of and response to circumstances and events within our lives.

We manage our lives and our brains often in a haphazard manner, not aware that our habits and automatic responses can be managed in quite simple and easy ways. These are skills that can be deliberately learnt, much like any other skills we wish to develop for our benefit and enjoyment. There's nothing particularly new about this, it's been going on for millennia.

What is new and is exciting is that we are at a point in human development where we are able to understand specifically discrete components of how we produce certain behaviours in our lives. Equally how we can build new behaviours that serve us better in enabling us to live in a more beneficial manner for ourselves and those around us.

Traditionally people have accessed therapists, counsellors etc. when they perceive that they have a 'problem' or an issue to deal with. Many people have benefited greatly from this approach. Where Personal Change Coaching differs is that it regards nothing as a problem, only a behaviour that is successfully repeating itself to consistently achieve a result, albeit a result that is undesired by the individual.

It then proceeds to assist the individual to identify exactly what results would be more desirable and coach the individual sometimes at a conscious level and sometimes by doing work with the subconscious in specific skills to run their brains the way that suits them best and the physical behaviours that are an integral part of aspects of it. Metaphysical life coaching, Generative life coaching, Transformative life coaching



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